Help / FAQ

basic info


All lessons are 30 minutes, but generally go over to 40 minutes (still at a charge of 30 minutes). Lessons can be booked for 1 hour if required.

Most lessons will occur after school, generally between 4pm and 7pm.

Please contact us to see what time slots are available.


Lessons are carried out on a week-to-week basis generally in cohesion with the school terms. As the tutor will come to you, the lessons can be held in the comfort of your own home.

The free Introductory lesson is used to gain information on the student (past experience/desires/music preferences/etc..) so future lessons can be constructed to cater these items.

age range

We teach all ages from 9 and above.


Lessons are generally carried out during school holidays should you be available.

lesson length

30 and 60 minute lessons are available. Hour long lessons are not recommended as only so much information can be absorbed by the student before they get tired and unfocused.

lesson requirements

Generally a sleeved folder is required to be brought to lessons so it may hold music and tutor material for practice. A guitar must be brought to lessons also. It is also recommended that the student have some form of music stand so any material brought by the tutor can be easily viewed during and after lessons. If not, the tutor can bring a music stand for the lesson.

lesson cancellation

If a lesson needs to be cancelled, this lesson can either be caught up at a different time during the week or simply left alone as there are no lock-in dates for the term. Please let the tutor know at least 1-2 hours prior.

lesson payment

As there are no bulk upfront payments for the term, payment occurs on the day of the lesson in exact cash. This makes it simpler for both the student and tutor, for if a lesson is cancelled there is no financial burden.

30 minute lessons are $40

60 minute lessons are $70

Prices vary depending on distance, location, and time.


does the flexibility and ease of lessons sound right for you?

Have a look at what can be offered in each lesson.