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There is more to offer than simply learning a song or a couple chords. As shown below, there are different styles of guitar, performance, and theory that can be taught at the students request. Not only will all the sheets and information be provided by the tutor each lesson, backing tracks and practise songs will be individually composed for the student.

performance & Different styles of guitar

There isn’t just one style of guitar. Many different genres of music influence guitar playing techniques, such as finger style, blues, folk, jazz, etc… Learning multiple styles of guitar can increase the proficiency of the student’s guitar playing as they can utilise different ideas when playing. Both acoustic and electric guitar methods can be taught in lessons.


Looping has become an increasingly popular method of performing as it essentially replaces a backing band. Big artists such as Ed Sheehan and Tash Sultana utilise a pedal looper in their live performances to achieve this. This is done by recording segments, or snippets, of the guitars signal. and repeats it in a loop. Although it can be rhythmically challenging, it is a fun approach of learning timing and breaking songs down into their core elements. In turn, this can assist in breaking pieces of music down in HSC Music.



This isn’t theory that makes a student cringe - this is interesting and helpful knowledge of the guitar and music in general. Both modern and classical theory on reading music, understanding the guitar, and playing techniques will be incorporated into each lessons. This involves looking at modern music with tablature, chord charts, and classical notation in a fun way to learn songs while developing the students proficiency with guitar.


digital media & basic sound engineering

Another increasing style of music is that created via digital media, or the computer. Recording software, techniques, and the process of editing music can be shown in lessons. This enables the student to have a wide understanding of music and may possibly provide the motivation for them to start recording their own music.

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